Through Prayer

You’ve got a choice
You wouldn’t have this choice if it weren’t for other choices you’ve made
Choices lead to consequences
but every consequence leads to another choice
cause and effect.
the choice you make now will be your chariot to future choices
choices give us wings to surmount the past and meet our destiny
for a moment
ask yourself, where do you want to be?
close your eyes ~ look and see
and fly
where are you?
you took a glance, but look beyond the frosting
You don’t even know if it’s chocolate or vanilla sometimes
The icing looks so good but it’s only a sliver compared to the cake
Look at all the experiences your choices lead to
You’ve got one life here, one string of choices
yes or no?
God’s telling you
he gave us our needs and our wants
he knows how to quench that thirst
you say he’s in your heart, so feel him out
our experiences define our life
choices define experiences
choices define those choices
and feelings define the original choices
your answer is in how you feel—where your passions are
You’ve got a love inside you
find your love not someone else’s
the answer is in you, nothing else
chocolate or vanilla,
You’ve got a choice


All I remember is that this was written for my friend Marianne when she was facing a difficult decision.