Sing, sing with all of your voice!
With excitement for life
Be glad and rejoice.
Sing out the notes
With alacrity and precision—
Sing to the silence
Your hopeful vision.

Sing, sing with all of your mind!
May the meaning of your words
Be not left behind.
Sing sweetly the story
Of struggle and of love—
Sing with your understanding
Of life’s promise from above.

Sing, sing with all of your heart!
Be free of your façade
And let your passion take part.
Sing with deep expression
Both your bitterness and elation—
Sing unto the emptiness
Your every deep sensation.

Sing, sing with all of your self!
Shake off your rusty shackles
And stand firm amidst the mael’
Sing your song
Your own inimitable tone—
Sing to your rhythm
And know you are not alone.


I wrote this in high school to future members of the choir and choral ensemble. I posted it on the wall on one of the last days of school as a call to future generations that would come through that room as I had. Music was at the heart of my high school experience and I was sad to leave band and choir behind. As a prominent member and leader in all of my school’s music programs, I felt a connection to the younger students coming behind me.

The poem is broken into 4 stanzas, each compelling the audience in turn to sing with all of their voice, mind, heart, and self. Choir for me wasn’t about singing with my voice alone and I hoped that others would also put their whole soul into it as I had. The energy in choral ensemble was a rare gift – being surrounded by people who share a passion and talent and creating magic together that transcended the mere sounds and notes.